Professional Photographer for Art Gallery & Paintings

Taking pictures of Art work is challenging and I have mastered this, while taking pictures of beautiful paintings we need to make sure the picture displays the true color, I have earlier worked on simmilar projects and I can assure you of quality service for your art gallery, you can use the pictures to sell your artwork online or publish a catalogue of the same.

I can not only click professional pictures of your products, but I can also provide other value added services like photo optimization, color correction and background removal, I am among the very few photographers based in Jaipur who provides these value added photography services, there are limited photographers in Eastern India offering such services like me. I provide high quality photography services at affordable prices in Jaipur and Eastern India.


Basic Art Photography in Jaipur

In Basic Art Photography, I use standard DSLR with Kit Lens, the images are good for sharing on internet, facebook, instagram, whatsapp but are not good for printing, the pictures are supplied as/is basis and no editing or retouching service is provided, choose this photography service if you want low cost photography service.


Advanced Art Photography in Jaipur

In Advanced Art Photography, I use Professional DSLR with Lens as per the genre, the images are very sharp and are good for printing on your brochure or other marketing materials, you will also get images for sharing on internet, facebook, instagram, whatsapp, the pictures are supplied with color correction and basic editing so that you can use the images straightaway in your project.

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