Commercial Photography Services

I offer photography services in Kolkata and eastern India, I am a commercial photographer from Kolkata and have over 5 years of experience in Commercial Photography. My pictures are sharp, eye catching, well balanced and audience neutral, I have shot pictures for different purpose like eCommerce, Jewelry, Handicrafts, Real Estate, Art Gallery and Clothing Inudstry.

Professional Photography

If you are looking for a commercial photographer who can take pictures of your products which you need to use on your website or on your ecommerce store then feel free to hire me, I take stunning pictures snd I have all the required equioments to shoot your products.

Basic Photography

In Basic Photography, I use standard DSLR with Kit Lens, the images are good for sharing on internet, facebook, instagram, whatsapp but are not good for printing, the pictures are supplied as/is basis and no editing or retouching service is provided, choose this photography service if you want low cost photography service.

Advanced Photography

In Advanced Photography, I use Professional DSLR with Lens as per the genre, the images are very sharp and are good for printing on your brochure or other marketing materials, you will also get images for sharing on internet, facebook, instagram, whatsapp, the pictures are supplied with color correction and basic editing so that you can use the images straightaway in your project.

Color Correction

Color Correction is required on pictures taken with Digital SLR, a DSLR works on RGB color mode whereas for print we need to convert our images to CMYK, color correction ensures that the pictures will look sharp and bright irrespective of the medium on which they are projected.

available at no additional cost

Background Removal

You may want to remove the dull background from the pictures of your products, I offer background removal services where I remove the background of the subject (your product) and provide you pictures in PNG or JPEG format with white or transparent background.

available at additional cost

High-Quality Model Retouch

Unlike portraits, glamour or beauty retouching is leaning towards perfection. These images are usually used for magazines, portfolios, and other editorial purposes. Aside from enhancing the subject, there is a need to make the model look as perfect as possible without overdoing it. Our highend retouching service is for achieving ethereal-looking photos using advanced techniques.

available at additional cost

Real Estate Editing

For Real Estate Photography, the pictures need editing for different purpose, we do real estate photography and we ensure our work meets the demand for real estate industry.

available at additional cost

Food and Restaurant images retouching

For Photography related to food for Hotels and Restaurants, the pictures need editing for different purpose, we do food photography and we ensure our work meets the demand for Hospitality industry.

available at additional cost

Adding or Removing object

In photography, you would like to add or remove objects in a given picture, it is possible with R Lodha Photography.

available at additional cost

Photo Restoration and Repair

If you have some old pictures which are tampered or damaged, we can fix them using advanced photo editing software.

available at additional cost

Product Enhancement and Retouch

For Product and eCommerce Photography, we offer product enhancement and retouching, it helps you to boost your sales on ecommerce platforms like Amazon or Flipkart.

available at additional cost

RedEye Correction

Sometimes when clicking human face the eyes of the subject may turn red, I offer red eye correction.

available at no additional cost

Picture Format Conversions

You may require various file formats for your pictures, you may want to resize them or simply convert from JPEG to BMP or TIFF or PNG Format, I offer picture format conversion service as well.

available at additional cost