Photography Price List

This is our price list for 2024, prices may vary depending on availability, number of pictures required and weather conditions, prices valid till 31st December, 2024

Pre Wedding Photography

  • Pre Wedding Silver:
    • Locations - 3 (In & Around Kolkata)
    • Days - 1
    • Photographs - 30
    • Charges - Rs. 35,000.00
  • Pre Wedding Gold:
    • Locations - 5 (In & Around Kolkata)
    • Days - 1 or 2
    • Photographs - 50
    • Charges - Rs. 65,000.00
  • Pre Wedding Diamond:
    • Locations - 10 (In & Around Kolkata)
    • Days - 3
    • Photographs - 100
    • Charges - Rs. 95,000.00

Wedding Photography

We charge Rs. 1,25,000.00 per day (max 8 hours) for Wedding photography

Honeymoon Photography

We charge Rs. 45,000.00 per day for honeymoon photography, location should be within 50 killometers from Kolkata, additional charges may apply for variable distance.


Refund Policy

No refunds if the client cancels booking, full refund if we cancel the booking.


Pictures as per package in JPEG format, 6000x4000 pixels, with color correction and basic editing.


Please note that 18% GST applicable on all prices quoted above, payment mode - IMPS / Cheque or GPay, Booking Charges - 100%.

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